Competitive Advantages

Why we can say:" we are
the best in Pizza!"


The competitive advantages of the Company consist of a flexible production, that is unique in its kind, with a strong vocation for innovation, and made using advanced plants that are constantly updated technologically and handled according to a system that reduces all downtime to a very minimum and, at the same time, maximum efficiency, flexibility, reliability and safety of the products.


All of this can be summarised according to its main aspects:

   » Use of local products

   » The artisan aspect of the products

   » Personalisation of products for clients

   » Product innovation and Fast development of new projects

  » Production flexibility

   » Computerization of production and controls and Warehouse

  » Quality System and compliance of applicable and self-imposed norms

  » Personnel training and Flexibility of shifts

  » Logistic situation of communication

   » Respect of the environment




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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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