The Company


Nuova Food Italia S.r.l.  is a private held Company founded  in 1993 with head office and production in Prato – Tuscany. The Company currently is composed  of over 100 employees.



The Production


In the modern industrial plant of 7,500 square meters are produced daily bases for pizzas and frozen pizza, snacks and sandwiches which are then sold in Italy and abroad with their own or private  brands, also enjoying the precious plus derived from the traditional method of cooking in wood-burning oven, which gives to the products the typical organoleptic characteristics of true handicraft Pizza.


We produce both Pizzas in box for the retail market with all sizes and toppings, and  in big sizes packaging  for the food service market.


In addition to pizzas,  part of our assortment  are  also the  "snacks" products, such as small pizzas, Calzoncelli, Calzoni, stuffed Focaccia, pizzas walking, Barchette and  empty products to be filled, always in pizza dough, such as  Panpizza Pizzicotto, Mezzaluna and Portafoglio.


Always for both markets  Foodservice and Retail, we produce also a wide range of frozen Sandwiches and our Focaccia Toscana with Olive Oil and salt , typical of our area.


The use of local raw materials is almost exclusively, often purchased from local companies, give to our products  the typical Italian taste.


The ingredients are in fact different from those used by our competitors. For example, flours  mainly comes from Tuscany mills and all this ensures continuity in our products compared to the ones  of our competitors that  purchasing the raw material on a large scale, are often found to suffer  the differences caused by the changes of quality typical of international markets.



Nuova Food Italia S.r.l.


We manufacture a standard line just for a part of our Retail customers that  buy our brand and  for the  Foodservice market.  For the bigger part of our customers the range of products is personalized according to the demand  of  each  individual.


The range has been developed following procedures are unique in their field , combining the craftsmanship of the products to the industrial process , with the result of obtaining high-quality products with a unique look but on a large scale and this has allowed the company to become a point of reference for all those customers who require unique and original products to be included in their markets.


Even if the products meet the standards of  the customers, keep an "handmade" aspect, which makes them unique when compared with those of the competitors.


This allows our customers to differentiate their range on the market with a unique aspect , with understandable and significant benefits in terms of increased levels of margin obtainable from sales.



Presence on the Market


The Company has a considerable market-share in Italy, where is present with  private brands  and with customers private brands; currently is a partner of the main representatives of supermarkets.


The presence of  “FoodItalia” brands  products is considerable abroad: Australia, Japan, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Greece, England,  France and Switzerland are  already established markets, while in the last period a lot of efforts has been invested in expansion into the Far East, North and South America.





The entire production of Food Italia is guaranteed and certified in every  singular production phase and for all the raw materials used: all strict testing and inspection ensure that the products can achieve the highest standards of safety.
The certifications obtained are:

  • BRC (grade A),

  • IFS (higher level)

  • SA 8000

  • BIO - CE 834/07 e CE 889/08 for the production of organic food

  • ISO 22005: 2008 certification traceability of the food chain

  • FDA Authorization to export products to the USA



Logistic and Transport


The position of the Company, only a few kilometers from the Autostrada del Sole, allow the optimization of the logistic thanks to the  reduced  time for delivery of the  orders, on-time deliveries  and  reduced transport costs. All these factors have positive effects on the  ratio quality-cost of services.




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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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