Distinctive Competence (What we are)


Products are standard only for the large-scale retail trade and for a small part of the Food Service clients.  As far as the majority of clients are concerned, the range is personalised and diversified according to the requirements of each individual.


The range is developed using procedures that are unique in its field, consisting in the combination of artisan and industrial products at the same time, allowing for the creation of high quality products and with a unique aspect, but on a large scale: this has allowed the Company to become a reference point for all clients that need to differentiate the products to be inserted into their respective channels


Even though the products respect customer standards, they also have a home-made appearance, making them unique compared with those of its competitors.


This allows clients to distinguish their range in terms of exclusivity, with recognisable and remarkable advantages in terms of the margin levels that can be acquired through their sale.



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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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