Production flexibility


Production has been based on the concept of extreme flexibility with regards to the products to be created and the quantity of orders that it can handle.



Handling of small production batches with subsequent reduction in costs


Without any increase in costs, production flexibility allows for small production batches to be handled with a remarkable implementation in customer satisfaction as customers can source the entire range in practically one week, with the guarantee of products that are always of recent production.



Possibility of handling large batches


The aforementioned competences do not preclude the possibility of also dealing with important clients and large orders consisting of few articles, and this proves that one quarter of all turnover is achieved from the Italian large-scale retail trade, purchasing basic products such as Margherita pizzas, always the “basic price” in large quantities, often single products.




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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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