Personnel training through internal and external training courses


Personnel are trained on a constant basis, through technical and practical refresher courses with the objective of implementing constant updating of all employees.  The courses are held in the company and on other locations, often on the premises of Category Associations.


Management believes it is necessary to provide constant training especially with regards to the following aspects:

    - hygiene and safety at work

    - use and maintenance of machinery

    - working techniques

    - type of products and their compliance with the standards requested by clients


Some of the courses listed above have implied the participation of techniques of the manufacturers of the most important machinery used in the company, making the Company and its employees independent in several forms of intervention, from urgencies to the majority of ordinary and programmed extraordinary maintenance.



Flexibility of shifts


Production is organised according to “variable staff shifts” that allow for optimisation of employees for each shift, with the possibility of using the same production lines for basic products that require less personnel (such as pizzas and focaccia) and filled products with a greater need for labour (Calzone and Filled Focaccia).




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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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