Advanced machinery



The Company has its own latest generation and well maintained machinery that allow for the production of a very wide range of products with standards that are adequate to the requests.



Computerization of production and controls


All of the process phases are handled by a computer system developed “ad hoc”, studied just like the heart of the company, offering recipes, bills of materials, pricing and handling control phases as well as the logistic and sales phases and, last but not least, product traceability.



Dynamic handling of the FIFO and “just-in-time” warehouse
secondo i metodi FIFO e “just-in-time”


Expansion of the range that occurred in the last few years has required special attention in the optimisation of internal logistic process. The warehouses of raw materials are sourced with the method “just-in time”, and both raw material and finished product warehouses are handled according to the FIFO method.


This allows for an improvement in the quality of the product, guaranteeing:

      1.freshness of the raw materials used,

      2.recent production of the products that are sold,

      3.a reduction in volume levels,


all of the above with numerous positive implications, from product quality through to optimisation of the financial management of the company.




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The certifications obtained are:
  • BRC (grade A)
  • IFS (higher level)
  • SA 8000
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